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Outlaw Ironman – Race Report

Outlaw Ironman – Race Report »

Outlaw Triathlon 27th July 2014

This year it was a family adventure and we decided to join many of the other

Ironman Training by Ken Holder

Ironman Training by Ken Holder »

I suppose I should start from the beginning. This was my second year taking part in the Outlaw Triathlon which is a long distance event or as some like to say an Ironman. This means the challenge entails 3 sporting disciplines at various distances all done on the same day one after the other with 17 hours. The idea is to complete as quickly as possible and preferably in one piece. - Read more...

Switching My MTB To Commuting Friendly Tyres

Switching My MTB To Commuting Friendly Tyres »

Though an "enthusiastic amateur" when it came to biking matters just over a year ago I went from occasional bike-based commuting, to full-on daily cycling commuting whatever the weather. Since almost the first day, a number of my colleagues have nagged me about switch to more commuter friendly tyres. - Read more...

Race Report – Westpoint Cat 3 / 4 – 30 July 2014

Race Report – Westpoint Cat 3 / 4 – 30 July 2014 »

The Cat 3/4 Criterium got off to a fast start with numerous attacks kicking off in the first few laps. No breakaway was allowed more than a few seconds grace before being brought back to the pack and the constant changes of pace saw a number of riders fall to the rear. This initial aggressive string of attacks could not be maintained and the peloton soon settled down to regroup - Read more...

CamelBak Podium Water Bottle Review

CamelBak Podium Water Bottle Review »

It was about 12 weeks ago I kitted out the family with a series of CamelBak Podium Water Bottles at the start of this year's surprisingly early fine weather here in the UK. I had recently been able to look over the newly designed current version of the Podium and I came away very impressed. As you'd expect from the inventors of the hydration pack, the bottle seemed packed with simple yet helpful features. - Read more...

A Guide To Maxxis Tyres

A Guide To Maxxis Tyres »

So broad and vast is the Maxxis range - they truly make a tyre for every situation and rider need - that their selection of options can be bewildering for even the most seasoned rubber nerd. To help explain not only what all the tech options are but why they might be of interest to you, here is our guide to the different features available to you when selecting a Maxxis tyre. - Read more...

6 Week Training Plan

6 Week Training Plan »

So you have decided to do a road race (or have landed yourself in a position you can't get out of or back down from). Whether you have some experience in this area and are looking for the next training plan to try out, or are a complete beginner, this plan can prove to be great fun and very effective! - Read more...

Prima or Breeze – Saddle Sale

Prima or Breeze – Saddle Sale »

Whether you're a road or off-road rider, we have a great pair of offers on these women's bike saddles - but only while stocks last! Roadies will love the Prima, a great saddle with amazing levels of comfort and durability. The Breeze is a favourite amongst the MTB crowd and is now available at an unbelievable price. - Read more...

Flux MTB Saddle Sale

Flux MTB Saddle Sale »

Compared by Bike Radar favourably to the now legendary Charge Spoon (in that it is a shade lighter and more comfortable) they could find little to fault. You can now purchase these saddles for a limited time at Koo Bikes for an equally amazing £15.99 a fantastic reduction from their RRP of £24.99; only while stocks last. - Read more...

Prime Road Saddle Sale

Prime Road Saddle Sale »

Looking for something that's more comfortable than your current perch, or just an affordable replacement saddle for your road bike? Look no further! The Madison Prime Road Saddle earned a "5/5 exceptional" rating from Bike Radar, who found it had levels of comfort and durability that were amazing for the price. - Read more...