New Sealskinz 2012 Range

After years of supplying the Sealskinz range, we decided to make a little extra effort with the 2012 launch by creating a series of video’s with the new products. The video’s explain the key features and benefits and give a better glance at the item, from the standard stock image.


The 2012 range includes many new models, meeting demands from many outdoor sports and activities. Sealskinz has become a well respected brand over the years due to its consistant quality and comfort. Upgrades include improved fit, styling and comfort across all hats, gloves and socks. Sealskinz are keen to be the brand of choice, whatever the activity, whatever the weather.


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Click for the Koo Bikes YouTube Channel which includes many more product overviews.


Here are a few of the Sealskinz videos we have put together:



Here we have a few videos on the latest socks from sealskinz, some are upgrades of popular previous models, but we also show some new models such as the P3 sports sock.


Sealskinz Thin, Mid Weight + Thick Mid Length Sock


Sealskinz P3 Waterproof Sports Socks


Sealskinz Waterproof Anklet Socks



Here are a few brief videos on some updated glove models for 2012 including the interesting new Outdoor Sports Mittens.


Sealskinz Winter Cycle Glove


Sealskinz Ultra Grip Waterproof Glove


Sealskinz Outdoor Sports Mittens



Here are a couple overview videos on the waterproof hats from Sealskinz.


Sealskinz Waterproof Winter Hat


Sealskinz Waterproof Trail Hat

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Exposure Lights 2012 Now In


The Exposure lights have gone from strength to strength since they first hit the scene in 2005. The 2012 range is the most advanced light range so far, they are compact, sleek and give amazing performance.


To celebrate the arrival of these fantastic lights we are putting together a few youtube videos to show you exactly what you get in the box, and a few main features of the lights:

For further models and info, checkout the website: Exposure Lights


Exposure Six Pack Mk2 Front Light RRP: £450



Exposure Race Mk6 Front Light RRP: £225



Exposure RedEye Rear Helmet Light RRP: £40



Exposure Flash Front Light £40



Exposure Flash Flare Combo Light Set £75



Exposure Toro Mk3 Front Light £275



Exposure Joystick Mk6 Front Helmet Light £165


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