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Winter Sessions

Well days are officially getting longer again, but the weather still seems to be well and truely rubbish! Mud guards and spiked tires are definitely a wise move at this time of year. Dirt is flying, kit is getting soaked, but it does mean you can have some fun, wild and loose times on the bike!

Some of the Koo team, AJ and Max were out at the local woods with Bob Williams grabbing some great shots of the action. Bob, as mentioned in our previous blog post , is a local photographer producing some awesome and original shots. Check out his new website . I am sure we will be seeing much more from him in the near future…


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HO HO HO! – The Bob Effect

Whilst out on our recent Santa Shredz ride, we bumped into local up and coming photographer Bob Bogdon Williams, who tooks some cool shots as we passed through.

Bob is a good friend of Koo-Bikes, and  enjoys getting out on the bike himself. Recently he has been branching his photography skills out into various other areas, such as motocross and  lifestyle. He prides himself on his unique editing style, which brings out some amazing end results with a truely original stamp – ‘The Bob Effect’.

Check out some of his work on his new website

Feel free to contact him with any questions, but be quick, he is a busy man, everyone seems to be after the Bob effect…!




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Santa Shredz!

Last weekend Shred held their annual Santa Shredz Christmas ride, aimed to raise money for a local charity.

A few of the Koo team went along to join in the fun, dressed in full Santa attire.

A group of mountain bikers and road riders left Plymouth city center, and would meet up at a pub later in the day for a few drinks and some festive banter…

After a gentle loop around the city, getting lots of mixed reactions from the public, we entered the woods where our red fluffy clothing started to deteriorate!

It was a surreal experience riding single-track in a train of 20+ Santas!

Our suits were soon mainly brown and very wet, but everyone kept in high spirits, pedalling on towards the pub!

Upon arrival at the pub, people currently enjoying  a quiet drink must have been shocked when a group of santas stormed in!

After a plate of chips and a few drinks, we relived some close calls, and looked forward to next years ride.

Thanks Shred , another great ride, Happy Christmas!





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A crisp morning on December 21st, the Koo Crew head out for an early breakfast, but with a change of scenery…!
The River Cottage Canteen in Plymouth was our venue, with the awesome surroundings of the Royal William Dockyard.
As much as you can eat, all made with the freshest ingredients going – ideal!
Everyone had a great time and definitely ate too much – time to head back to the office to sort out the last few bits before a welcome Christmas break.
Hopefully everyone else has also started the excessive festive eating, and it is not just us – New years resolution RIDE MORE!!!


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Koo-Bikes Winter Picture Competition winner announced!!!

So, the long wait is over! We have been looking through all our competition entries today in the Koo office and after much discussion, we have finally decided on a winner.

We took the 5 pictures which had received the most likes (1 per person), to become the short list that the Koo staff were to pick a winner from (with one addition late entry which we particularly liked but did not have as many likes).

To decide our winner, we looked at the over-all picture; was it a nice picture to look at, was the composition good, was it in focus and a good quality snap, and finally, but most importantly, was it festive! We had 3 pictures which emerged as the favorites, and it was very very tight with the number of votes!!! All of our finalists will receive a Koo-Bikes t-shirt because we are that nice!

So, we are please to announce our competition winner of the GoPro camera is Richard Clark, with his picture of a rider getting super low in the snow! Well done! A great photo ticking all the boxes…

A big thank you to all that entered and spent the time to get as many people as possible to like your pictures. There were a lot of great entries, many of which unfortunately didn’t get enough likes to reach the finals. Here are the pictures which made it to the final vote, with a few quick reasons why it was one of our favourites. Make sure to keep checking back for more great competitions in 2012!

Picture 1 – Bob Williams – A great overall photo. Good composition, really capturing the riders style and surroundings on the winters afternoon.

Picture 2 – Peter Warner – Props to the rider in this one, busting out some big moves in Santa gear. This definitely gets the wow factor vote, and Peter was perfectly placed to take a great photo.

Picture 3 – Dan Foskett – Big gaps always look good, especially with a slick multi-shot! Good skills from photographer and rider!

Picture 4 – Richard Clark – A really nice photo with good composition captured at just the right time. A great quality photo with some awesome riding, and a dusting of festive snow to top it all off! top notch!

Picture 5 – Alistair Cope – This was our late entry, but despite the lack of ‘likes’ we felt it deserved a chance to win over the votes of Koo staff. It doesn’t get more festive than this, and can be appreciated by all, whether you ride or not. Theres even a cheeky Santa addition in the background to get us in the Christmas mood!

Picture 6 – Chris Hopkins – going BIG, in snow, we love it, with extra style points for the goggles!

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