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Koo-Bikes in partnership with Gawton Gravity Hub!

Koo bikes are proud to announce we are now the official sponsor of Gawton Gravity Hub!

So who are Gawton Gravity Hub, and what does this mean?

Gawton Gravity Hub is part of an amazing mountain biking facility located in the South West of England, near Tavistock, Devon. The Tamar Valley based trails have received a lot of attention in the relatively short period it has been running, and it has already been suggested that it boast some of the best trails in the country!

There are two sites run by the club, and are focused towards downhill mountain bikers, offering a range of tracks graded from Red all the way up to Double Black. You only need to see the videos and magazine articles of the world’s best riders tearing it up, to fully appreciate the quality of tracks on offer. The club is non-profit, which means any money is put straight back into the site, improving tracks and facilities further.

Gee Atherton on the Dirt/Gawton 1:04 from Jacob Gibbins on Vimeo.

Gawton Gravity Hub currently has a broad range of tracks spread across its two sites, but are eagerly awaiting the completion of one new track in particular. This track is set to be one of the most popular tracks, appealing to a wider user ability range, and being generally very fun to ride. Many people have helped build the track, including several of the staff from Koo-Bikes – we cannot wait to test ride the parts we have had input on!

This year will also see the grand opening of a hut located at the top of the tracks at Gawton. This will offer facilities such as somewhere to get out of the elements, and have a bite to eat and a hot drink, toilets, bike wash, and buy any essentials you might need. This, coupled with a brand new uplift service on its way, and the new track, things are set to be big in the future…

Being offered a chance to get involved with the Gawton Gravity Hub is a great opportunity for us here at Koo-Bikes. We have always been very keen to support local events and organisations, but this long term involvement is a great chance to give something back to the local riding community. Being only a short distance away in Plymouth, we can really get involved as a sponsor, attending events and seeing whats going on first hand. We see the partnership very much as a two way relationship, and want to help Gawton Gravity Hub in every way we can. We feel everyone can benefit, resulting in Koo-Bikes getting their name out there, but more importantly see the club grow into its full potential. We see a bright future ahead, and with the recent developments, it is certainly looking that way, and we are excited to get things going…!

What does this sponsorship mean? Well, essentially Koo-Bikes and Gawton Gravity Hub will be building up a strong partnership, helping each other grow faster and becoming further established in the cycling industry. And of course this means you guys get some of the benefits. Keep your eyes peeled for exclusives Koo-Bikes offers, and special events only available to Gawton Gravity Hub club members.

We will be keeping you all up to date with associated events, and informing you of any related promotions with Gawton Gravity Hub. Make sure you check out their awesome website with all the information on , including how you become a member, information on races, and any other developments for the future… and remember, to ride here, you do need to be a member.

Keep checking back for more updates and news, and make sure you join their new facebook page!

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South West DH Champs at Gawton

Two Weeks ago on the 20-21st Aug was the South West DH Championships at Gawton, near Tavistock, Devon. This Event was held by the Woodland Riders and it was a brilliant weekend! Well, Except for the serious downpour on sat morning practice!

I arrived at Gawton nice and early with no ominous clouds insight and was in high spirits as i had expected it to rain. First things first was to quickly put my bike together. this took very little time and i was off to walk the track. At this point i was quite nervous as not only had i not rode this track for a year, but i had barely even been on the DH Bike due to racing BMX for most of the year.

I have never walked this track before (Super Tavi) so i had never really grasped the size off some of the drops nor the steepness, but whilst i was eying up the drops and lines that i had remembered taking in the past, i thought i was nuts for doing so! But i had to keep telling myself that i never had a problem with it before, so why should it be now? Things also look a lot different when your on your bike and carry speed.

As i was walking back up down came the rain and it got very wet and dark in a small amount of time.

For my first practice run i had told myself not to hit any lines i had checked out and take it easy because i needed to see if i could actually ride my bike again! But in my usual fashion, i hit everything first time with exception to the infamous 2nd road gap, and really surprised myself that i didn’t fall despite not really being able to see much because my goggles had instantly got covered with mud and water, making visibility in the little light there was near impossible. This was fixed for my 2nd run by putting on my RRP Neoguard mudguard. I have never used one of these properly before, but after seeing the difference in the two runs, i was shocked just how well it worked; my goggles were covered after the 1st run but my goggles only had 2 dots of water on it after the 2nd!

I had started to slowly gather up some speed and after the 3rd practice run, i didn’t really feel any more need for practice as it was supposed to be really dry for race day. so i called it a day thinking there is no point practicing a wet track if its going to be dry.

The track was so wet and gritty that i decided to fully rebuild by bike that afternoon/eve just so i knew that my bike was going to be working perfectly for race day. All bearings came out and cleaned, BB and Headset all cleaned and re-greased and suspension fulled lubed back up. Its always nice to be happy with your bike and know that everything is running smoothly, i find that this boosts your confidence so you just have to focus on braking less and carrying more speed on every section.

I only had 2 practice runs as i was feeling confident i was at good race speed.

Race Run 1: I always make sure that i do a safe run and be a bit more cautious than usual just so i don’t crash and lay a solid time. This then enables me to see how fast i am in compared to everyone else so i can actually race the second run. I was happy with my first run except for coming to a stop in what is known as the bomb hole. I decided to take the super inside line, washed my front wheel out but managed not to fall and scooted my way back on track and down the hill.

Race Run 2: I was going to really go for this and just carry a lot more speed where i was being cautious in the last run. (In almost every dh race i have ever done, i fall off 2nd because i actually need to use brakes) So, coming into the first blind right hander rock drop, my front wheel lost all traction, its hard enough to get grip at lower speeds, and over the bars i went! In terms of crashes, it was a nice crash. i instantly started laughing as memories of all my other 2nd run crashes flashed through my head. But i decided to carry on and just have fun as i knew there was no way i was going to beat my first time. And i was right, i was 10 seconds down on my first time which was a 2.02,133.

That time was luckily a good enough time to win the Champs in my Category, Senior. This is my first win and i sure as hell hope it wont be the last…

I would like to thank my Brother Peter Noble for filming and editing the video. He hasnt done much filming or editing in the past and in fact this was the first time hes done anything like this. Heres his Youtube channel..

I also would like to thank Felix Smith for the great pictures he took of me and my team mate Max Robinson on the weekend. Check out the Link For more of Felix’s pictures of the weekend on his Flickr…

Here is the final results..
1st: Ashley Mullane (1:54.394) SW Champion
2nd: Ben Deakin (1:59.601)
3rd: Jason Morgan (2:00.325)

1st: Thomas Owens (2:01.996)
2nd: Charlie Ross (2:04.589) SW Champion
3rd: Sam Marzetti (2:08.885)

1st: Jay Williamson (1:55.175) SW Champion
2nd: Moss Macriner (2:01.749)
3rd: Grant Boyce (2:02.622)

1st: Matthew Noble (2:02.113) SW Champion
2nd: Ian Stark (2:04.853)
3rd: James Weames (2:06.713)

1st: Jim Davage (2:03.351)
2nd: Jody Bent (2:04.852) SW Champion
3rd: Seb Frost (2:06.043)

1st: Tony Hicks (2:19.623) SW Champion
2nd: Chris Cooke (2:26.546)
3rd: Keith Saunders (2:27.074)

1st: Robert Davrill (2:50.985)
2nd: Iain Woodley (2:51.738) SW Champion
3rd: Alex Newman (3:15.188)

Juvanile Men
1st Matthew Bryant (2:48:16) SW Champion
2nd Jack Jenkins (2:57:42)
3rd Sam Troake (3:43:97)

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Testing the GoPro 1080p HD Hero Naked Video Camera for the first time!

Watch the chest cam of Matt flying down the track here!

More Mountain Biking Videos >Koo Bikes Team Rider Matt Harvey at Gawton – Super Tavi and Egypt (GoPro HD)

Chest cam of Super Tavi and Egypt at Gawton in Devon. Dry and dusty for the first time ever.

This was one of my first proper tests of the GoPro 1080p HD Hero Naked Video Camera, and all i can say is that it was so simple and easy to use the GoPro. I Used the Camera with the Chesty strap Mount. I felt that this held the camera extremely well and was really easy attaching it and setting the correct angle. Furthermore, the chesty strap mount is really comfy to use, even whilst wearing a Leatt Neck Brace.

These are just my first impressions….. A More in depth review of the GoPro will follow……

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