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Saracen Aerial 14x 2012 Review

Saracen Aerial 14x 2012 Review »

After seeing the new range of Saracen bikes at Madisons Ice Bike show earlier this year I was really impressed with

Monday Mash-Up!

Monday Mash-Up! »

A few of us here at Koo are off to The Bike Place, and Core Bike show; two trade shows in the UK

Monday Mash-up

Monday Mash-up »

Here are some fresh new videos to keep you amused this fine Monday Morning! Definitely check out round 3 of the super cross,

Post Christmas Capers

Post Christmas Capers »

OK so Christmas is well and truely over now, but I thought Id post this anyway as its not often I get to

Winter Sessions

Winter Sessions »

Well days are officially getting longer again, but the weather still seems to be well and truely rubbish! Mud guards

HO HO HO! – The Bob Effect

HO HO HO! – The Bob Effect »

Whilst out on our recent Santa Shredz ride, we bumped into local up and coming photographer

Santa Shredz!

Santa Shredz! »

Last weekend Shred held their annual Santa Shredz Christmas ride, aimed to raise money for a local charity.

A few

Spank Spike Pedals have landed!

Spank Spike Pedals have landed! »

We have just received stock of the new Spank Spike pedals – the pedals everyone has

Bikes on fire!

Bikes on fire! »

Here are a couple of photos taken by one of our Team Riders Steve Hodge a few