Westpoint Cat 3 / 4

Race Report – Westpoint Cat 3 / 4 – 30 July 2014

Race Report – Westpoint Cat 3/4 – 30 July 2014

And they're off..1
Pre-race Group

The Cat 3/4 Criterium got off to a fast start with numerous attacks kicking off in the first few laps. Cogs Bike’s rider Matt Newman was the first casualty of the day, dropping out after just a few laps with a mechanical. No breakaway was allowed more than a few seconds grace before being brought back to the pack and the constant changes of pace saw a number of riders drop to the rear. This initial aggressive string of attacks could not be maintained and the peloton settled down to regroup.

Early Attacks
Early Attacks

It was Josh Rochester-Greet of Kinoko Cycles Racing who eventually began pushing the pace and his hard work quickly resulted in a small gap. As the peloton looked at each other Josh took advantage of the hesitation to carve out a 12 second gap.


Josh’s efforts proved decisive as he maintained that 12 second advantage over the next 15 laps in an impressive time trialling display. The bunch, unable to organize into effective chase, and with individual riders unwilling to risk bridging the gap, seemed resigned their fates.

Hot Pursuit
Hot Pursuit

The final lap saw Josh take the win a full 15 seconds ahead of a mostly intact peloton, earning a very classy victory for Kinoko Cycles.

Heading for the finish line... and victory
Heading for the finish line… and victory

Full top 10 results to follow once they’re posted to British Cycling.

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How to Improve your Climibing

Powering Up That Hill: Improve Your Climbing

In many ways hills and mountains are what define us as road cyclists. We can cruise along in the peloton without having to do to too much when it’s on the flat, but the ascents are what divide the grand tour contenders from the also-rans and wannabes.

Even if you’ve got a blistering sprint finish, if you can’t stay with the bunch on that last climb up to the hilltop finish, you might as well forget it. So here are Koo Bikes’ 4 quick and simple ways to be simply quick up those slopes and to make your fellow riders despair of keeping on your wheel.

1. Lose Weight

The absolute number one way to be a good climber is to weigh as little as possible. It’s hard and there is no quick fix. It means watching your diet and keeping up a vigorous training regime, come snow or rain. If winter always sees you putting on more pounds than you’d like, consider purchasing a turbo trainer or a roller to see you through the icy months.

Also (and you’ve already done this right?) give your bike the once over and when race prepping double-check that you’ve done everything safe to make your ride as light as possible. If it’s a daylight race you can legally remove all reflectors and similar from your ride, but if you also use it for night-time rides and commuting, make sure you stick them back on after the race.

2. Get A Power Meter/Computer

The consensus nowadays is that having a high, consistent pedal cadence is the best way to climb the monster climbs that stand in your way to racing glory. If you don’t already have access to one, get a gadget that tells you your cadence, the wattage that you’re producing, your speed, heart rate and so on. Knowledge is power and although it can be quite a pricey investment, the dividends it will pay in actually knowing your performance and output rather than just feeling you know helps massively in training as well as during the mid-race climb.

It will also help you pace yourself and to avoid getting carried away at the beginning of a climb and subsequently dropping off the back of the pack near the top.

3. Sit Down

Standing up in the saddle is a sign that you’re struggling or that your saddle position is not quite right. Practice staying in the saddle, keeping your “glutes” involved in generating your power. Check your saddle adjustment and correct if required.

Save the standing for attacks and desperate moments of effort at the end of the race.

4. Have The Right Chainset

Trying to use a standard double crankset on a steep hill is a recipe for trouble. Most amateurs will need a compact or even triple chainring to get up tough climbs – make sure you have one.

We have found that using some or combinations of these have made a significant improvement in how well we have been able to ascend those climbing sections of races we’ve been involved in resulting in better times and higher placing.

Try them for yourselves and let us know how well you get on with them.

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Core Bike Show: Renthal + Identiti BMX

Over the last few days, a lucky few of us here at Koo-Bikes went to pay the guys at the Core Bike Show a visit, and have a look at all the latest and greatest shiny products. We took lots of pictures and tried to remember as much info as possible for you guys! Over the next few days we will show you some of our favorite and most exciting products. Keep checking back for more….!

Ison Distribution had a lot of new products on show, including some nice BMX race bits from Renthal and Identiti.

Renthal were showing off their new BMX Moto handlebars which look great and I am sure will be very popular at £64.99. They are super light whilst maintaining the strength and quality we have come to expect from Renthal.

Renthal Moto Bars
Aluminium Lightweight BMX race bars
Supporting X brace.

Moto20 –
Rise : 190mm
Sweep : 42mm
Width : 714mm

Weight: 611g
Moto20 XL –
Rise : 212mm
Sweep : 44mm
Width : 740mm

Weight: 638g

Moto24 –
Rise : 142mm
Sweep : 39mm
Width : 700mm

Weight: 547g

Renthal had a full range of grips, chainrings and everything else they offer on show.

One other product which we sneakily spotted, but has not been officially launched yet, is the new Lock-on grip, presumably offering 3 different compounds like the standard grips – this particular model looks to be the Kevlar option, giving maximum grip with a soft yet super durable construction.


Identiti BMX also had a good range displayed, including a couple of swish team bikes in their crazy bright colour-way; a 24 cruiser, and a 20inch (which weighed in at sub 18lb!). They were tricked out with all the latest parts from Identiti, Gusset, Renthal and Halo. Of particular interest was the new Gusset Boom brake, with a super light and rigid CNC’d structure at £69.99, available soon. Also the Halo Super Drive rear hub coming soon in a BMX version was built onto the new Halo Sub4 BMX racing rim. This is expected to be released soon as a complete wheelset. With 120 points of engagement, low weight, and high stiffness, this is due to be a great wheelset for the racers out there!

Gusset Boom V-brake

Hyper rigid, super powerful V-brake.
Lightweight 7075 CNC machined alloy.
Independently adjustable linear
spring tension.
Angle adjustable pads included.

Black, Red or Blue anodised


Gusset also have a few shiny new colorways…


We are hoping to have most of the Renthal, Gusset, Identiti and Halo range in stock as the new products are released, so keep checking back…!

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Koo on the Podium again…

Round 2 of The Forest Of Dean Mini Downhill Series last weekend saw Koo-Bikes Team Rider Max Robinson take 3rd place, and earn another podium position. A very well done to Max! After winning round 1, things are looking good for the overall series, so keep up the good work! Check out Roots and Rain website for full race details, including times and full results, as well as more pictures of Max during the race…

Photography Credits – Simon Hubbard, Alex James, Rob Peacock


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Monday Mash-Up!

A few of us here at Koo are off to The Bike Place, and Core Bike show; two trade shows in the UK which are a great laugh, and of course we will bring you news on all the latest shiney things bike related! So make sure you check back for updates. Meanwhile, here are some cool vids to keep you amused….



  Dirtcoaster from Bobby Henderson on VimeoMore Mountain Biking Videos     2012 Freeride Entertainment Demo Reel from NWD films on Vimeo.

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